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Monday, September 17, 2007

Real Men Pluck @ KL Jam Asia - 28th September 2007 - 9pm

Event - Real Men Pluck (nose hair and guitar strings )
Bands / Performers - Bobo , Oh Chentaku , Otam , Sei Hon , Ian Tai
Venue - KL Jam Asia
Date - 28th September 2007
Time - 9PM onwards
Tickets - RM12 + free 'butang'

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

The Reasons I Stay pt. II @ MCPA Theater @12th August 2007

Countdown for the second edition of "Reason I Stay" has begun.United Front Records are proud to announce that the show is scheduled for this Sunday , and yes, it is going to be happened at MCPA Theater, Be There !!!

Show schedule for 12/8/07

Escape 2.30-3.00
[new blood of modern old school heroes from Puchong in vein of Comeback Kid]

Kids on the Move 3.00-3.30
[modern melodic old school fr Royal Town; the great answer to Backsight, FC 5 to Verse]

Devilica 3.30-4.00
[technical mathcore in vein of Dillinger Escape Plan, very energetic on stage!]

Dash Own 4.00-4.30
[Royal Town very own new school to metalcore assault - expect a great breakdown and killer riffs]

-break 4.30 - 4.45-

Nostalgia 4.45-5.15
[another old school punk/hc veterans - bringing the nostalgia to the floor]

Scold 5.15-5.45
[North Borneo fast old school heroes, debut show in KL. Expect some madness]

Restraint 5.45-6.15
[KL City Represent Straight Forward Hardcore, bringin the purebreed to the masses]

FSF 6.15-6.45
[Sungai Petani based , legendary punk rock with sing a long part]

Second Combat 6.45-7.15
[The SXE veterans political old school is back to town!]

*Take note that all the bands will play a 30 minutes slot, depends on when the show start. So come early to avoid your favorite band to play less song on this show; and more over to miss out some band that you are dying to see! Make sure to bring extra cash coz we promise you that lotsa goodies and stuff will be available on that day.

Make sure you won't miss any goodies and regret it later.

*To all merchant seller, plz be early as we offer only limited space/booth for you.

*For inquiries/customer service help, pls do assist to call our representatives.

[+601 29316530] Ein
[+601 25312427] Nizam
[+601 72136245] Ijam
[+601 93066313] Huzaiba
[+601 72546585] Wan