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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Post A Gig Compilation Project...

hey ... we have an idea... anyone who wants promote your music for free, email us the song and we'll compile it into a 'digital compilation' to be distributed online for free...

  • this will be an opportunity for musicians/bands to have their music to be promoted alongside with other genre of music... (imagine this...power-pop songs featured alongside metal...and alternative...and acoustic... )
  • you might gain unexpected fans from different genre
  • free exposure for your band ( band details to be submitted with your song )
  • you don't have to worry about distribution as we will do it online and provide you the link
  • online distribution can be done globally

Here's some details that we would like to highlight

  • songs to be submitted must be in high quality (at least good recording)
  • songs submitted and used won't get us into any trouble with any legal issue or anything of that sort...
  • we at Post A Gig won't be earning any money from it thus we won't be able to pay you guys too...
  • Any genre is ok with us... as long as the music's good
  • we will filter through the songs submitted before putting it up on the compilation
  • we will finalize 15 songs to be in the compilation
  • most importantly, THIS IS FOR FUN AND PASSION!!!
Email us the song and band details to

**let's see how it goes from here....